Jim Kwon - Atomy member SSM. 28949592   jimhkwon@atomyhub.com  

2021 - Present - Joined Atomy member  
2014 - Present - IBM Systems Programmer SF area

2006 - 2014 HMSA Blue Cross Blue Shield IT Systems Programmer Honolulu, Hawaii
2001 – 2006 Sun Microsystems IT Software Engineer Silicon Valley
1995 – 2000 IBM IT Software Engineer Silicon Valley 

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Promote Atomy’s products, the latest news, and success stories to help everyone's goals and dreams to everyone. We will continue to improve our website and make it user-friendly for everyone. If you want to join Atomy membership, send us your email to jimhkwon@hotmail.com, and we will be happy to send you step-by-step information to join Atomy.com membership.

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